ENPHE Seminar 2020 canceled

We are very sorry to inform you that the ENPHE Seminar will not be going ahead at the Famalicão Academic Campus in Portugal as planned 2 – 4 April this year.

There have been extensive discussions between the ENPHE Executive Board and the Portugese organization. We are following the Portugese directives and have also a societal responsibility In the light of the spread of the Corona Virus. We do not feel we should expose our students and staff to heightened risks of transmission at this time.

We are currently in discussions with the organization in Portugal to try to rearrange a date for the Seminar in 2021. We will contact you again when we have more information on this.

In the light of this we would be happy to fund any Seminar fees already paid.

On behalf of the Executive Board of ENPHE and the organization in Portugal,

Kind Regards,

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