In behalf of CESPU we have the pleasure to warmly welcome you to the European Network of Physiotherapy in Higher Education (ENPHE) Seminar 2 – 4 april 2020, an event organized in close cooperation with the 9 Portuguese’s physiotherapy programmes ENPHE members. It is an honour for CESPU and for the City of Vila Nova de Famalicão to hosted the ENPHE Seminar 2020 at CESPU – Escola Superior de Saúde do Vale do Ave (ESSVA). 

The Venue

Famalicão Academic Campus (Escola Superior de Saúde do Vale do Ave)

Founded in Porto in 1982, aiming to promote higher education in the health scientific field, CESPU’s history can be characterized by its pioneering spirit, innovation, sustained growth, and by its strong component of social and humanitarian assistance in providing health care services to the communities where it is located and for the pursuit of global quality. CESPU, CRL, is the entity that established the the Instituto Politécnico de Saúde do Norte (IPSN), which includes both the Escola Superior de Saúde do Vale do Ave (ESSVA) and the Escola Superior de Saúde do Vale do Sousa (ESSVS).

Currently, through its educational establishments, CESPU offers more than 50 higher education cycles, between degrees and masters, as well as nearly 60 post-graduations (non-degree).

With a privileged location in the northwest of Portugal, between Porto and Galicia (Spain), the Municipality of Vila Nova de Famalicão is the gateway to Minho for those coming from the South, and the last reference of Minho for those coming from the North of Continental Portugal and Galicia. Its privileged location has motivated, since ancient times, the passage and settlement of peoples and civilizations that left marks of their riches and cultures in the territory until today.

Address: Rua José António Vidal, 81, 4760-409 Vila Nova de Famalicão | Portugal

GPS: 41.406712, -8.515314 | N 41° 24′ 24.1626″, W -8° 30′ 55.1304″

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Cidnay Santo Tirso – Charming Hotel & Executive Center
Special rates for participants in the ENPHE Seminar including shuttle from Hotel to CESPU and from CESPU to Hotel, at a set time in the hotel lobby.
booking email – (use the email subject: ENPHE SEMINAR 2020)

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